•  brand identity packages  •
•  essential Package  • 
 Logo, Icon/Favicon, Primary Color Palette, Typography, Complete File Collection, Brand Standards Manual, Unrestricted Rights to Logo/Icon/Favicon Design
•  classic Package  •  
ESSENTIAL PACKAGE, PLUS: Business Card, Letterhead (Print & Word Template), Envelope, Pattern
•  PREMIER Package  •  
ESSENTIAL & CLASSIC PACKAGES, PLUS: Informational Website, Social Media Kit

•  a la carte brand identity products  •
I can help you transmit your unique brand identity across all of your business materials to ensure that you meet your consumers with one unified voice; boosting your chances of recognizability and memorability. Some examples of these products are listed below and are quoted on a per project basis. Many items can include both print and web formats including fillable PDFs. Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Well, lets talk about it!
•  Business Materials • 
Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope, Forms, Contracts, Reports, Email Signatures, Sales Receipts, Invoices
•  Marketing Materials • 
Icon/Favicon, Social Media Kit, Website (informational), Flyers, Inserts/Sale Sheets, Brochures, Catalogs, Posters
•  Promotional Materials •
Pens, Magnets, Keychains, Gift Cards, Samples
•  Retail • 
Website (commerce), Menus/Napkins/Cups, Product/Packaging, Retail Bags, Uniforms, Store/Office Fronts & Interiors, Signage/Sign Systems, Vehicles
•  publications •
Book or Magazine Covers, Book or Magazine Layout Design, Single Spread or Element Designs
•  about the deliverables  •
•  Logo  •
A logo is the face of your company and it makes an unmistakable impression on the public. Therefore, it should be unique, representative of your company’s culture or ethos, and engaging for your audience. As the cornerstone of your brand's visual identity: your logo gets you noticed while your services keep them coming back. You will be presented with three logo concepts from which you will select one concept to pursue and refine. Three revision stages ensure that we get the design just right.
•  Icon/Favicon  •
From your final logo, an icon will be created that can provide a variety of uses. You can use it for social media profile pictures, for reference on marketing materials, as a clickable link button on websites, even for app icons! The possibilities are endless. From this icon, a tiny favicon will be created for your company website (the tiny icon that appears in the URL bar is called a Favicon). Two concepts and two revision stages are included in the package.
•  Primary Color Palette & Guide  • 
This guide will provide the color specifications of the colors provided in your logo. These specifications are necessary to ensure that your colors remain on brand and will be the same across all applications. The specifications will include Pantone, CMYK, RGB, and hexadecimal color codes. 
•  Typography & Guide  • 
Logos and identities usually consist of anywhere from 1-3 typefaces or fonts. To keep on brand it is recommended to use the same fonts for all of your materials or anything that will come in contact with the public. This guide will inform you of which fonts are in your logo and how to obtain them for your own use. 
•  Complete File Collection •
You will be given an extensive collection of file types of your logo, icon & favicon (sometimes close to 100 files!) that can be used for any application from print to the web. These will be accompanied by a cheat sheet explaining the different types of files you have been given and when to use each of these files.
•  Brand Standards Manual •
All of your main brand identity elements will be collected into one professionally printed manual for easy reference moving forward to help your entire team understand your vision and maintain a consistent brand. In it you will find recommendations for how to use your logo in terms of space relationships and proportions, appropriate backgrounds, and more. Your Color Palette, Typography and File Guides will also be found here.
•  Business cards  •
You will be presented with two business card design concepts from which to refine one concept in two revision stages. Packages include a two-sided business card for up to five people.
•  letterheads and envelopes  •
Once a business card design is chosen, then two letterhead and envelope options will be created to match. You will also be provided with a letterhead template, created in Microsoft Word, for all of your digital letterhead needs. Packages include two concepts and two revision stages of both a one-sided company letterhead and envelope.
•  pattern  •
Something that helps to flesh out a brand is a simple pattern design. This can be used in a variety of ways such as design elements on your stationery, backsplashes of websites, overlays on images, etc. Packages include two pattern design concepts to choose from and two revision stages.
•  social media kit  •
A package of logos, icons, and/or appropriate imagery correctly sized for immediate upload into any three social media pages of your choice. (i.e. - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc). Final solutions will include a profile picture, a header/banner image, and if applicable, a color scheme choice if the platform allows. Additionally, you'll receive a set of each social media site's icon in up to two of your branded colors to match the color schemes of any of your future items. One concept and one revision stage is included in the package. Photographs are not included in the package, however, there are a variety of ways too obtain photography that are fairly economical.
•  informational website  • 
An informational website with up to four pages of content created from a template in Squarespace or Weebly and customized to match your unique brand identity. You will be presented with two template mockups of your landing page from which to choose one and refine in three revisions stages. This is one way to a beautifully branded website without the trial and error of learning to code yourself. Once completed, you’ll be able to make your own simple edits as needed. Copy writing, ongoing maintenance, cost of hosting and domain name registration is not included. Includes up to 10 stock photographs if needed.
•  a la carte brand identity products  • 
Details about the product, number of concepts presented and rounds of revision are discussed on a case-by-case basis. Have a question? Just ask!
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